Hello Cleopatra

Out with the old and in with the new…

After spending hours and hours and days and more hours looking on the internet, going to dealerships, test driving cars, getting insurance quotes and researching vehicle specs, fuel consumption, car repayment options and that goes with that.. sigh … I finally bought myself a new car!!!


I had been saving for this for a while and after sorting out some of the pile of the debt that asshole aka Mark Usher had left with sitting in, I was able to put down a deposit (from selling Ruby) and some savings and secure a finance agreement without any residual or balloon payments.

Cleopatra is a white 2013 Ford Fiesta 1.6 TDCi and I bought her from Cassy’s in Benoni.

It was not all smooth sailing as the I was messed around with payment terms – 72 months vs 60 months;  extra’s and final vehicle purchase price; and after numerous visits and correspondence, my mom eventually went to the branch and threw her toys in a big way, and then only was everything sorted out and only then was I happy with the price and the repayment amount etc.

On the plus side getting insurance was a breeze; I even negotiated a better deal with Discovery Insure in the end


But again I digress…

I organised a PJ day from work and on Friday 16 August 2013 I went to fetch my brand new out the box car!!! It was super exciting! I had a lot of other things going on at home at work which took away a bit of the excitement but I was excited none the less. I think I also might have played it down a bit in my head…

I had to go through the service warranty documentation, and sign a hundred and one documents with the finance department.

Once that was done and out the way and all my questions answered it was back to the sales department and I got the keys and the manual and the car mats and the license disk etc. My new car was parked on the show room floor – already with new number plates fitted and we synced my phone, went through some of the controls, while my dad did an inspection and then once all that was done, I drove her off the showroom floor and out the door and home

🙂 YAY!!

I didn’t have a chance to blog about it since I have been so crazy busy.. Since then I have already done over 1200km’s; my dad took her in back to the dealership because the radiator was loose; the saddle has already been in the car a few times. Ben has already been in the car; we have already done a but family shopping trip with her; and she has already been on a road trip to Pretoria and its surrounding areas with my best friend Tam xx

Here is to many happy driving hours and lots of awesome memories to go with it!!

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