Got back in the saddle

“Pick yourself up and dust yourself off

Get back in the saddle…”

On sunday I went riding and it was the first time riding Amber since my fall – taken a tumble.

I was a bit nervous but she was super lazy – at least most the way anyway – and we trotted and cantered a bit and I was fine. The roads were quite bad. Lots of potholes; lots of roads damaged and washed away from all the rains but it was still nice to ride out 🙂

It was just Ann and I and we chatted the whole way! Saw Mark briefly but he wasn’t over friendly.

I was just happy to be back in the saddle. I wore my new boots and they didn’t hurt too much and even though it was really hot, it didn’t matter.. I was riding 🙂

I think Amber missed me and being ridden too.. She was good tacking up and couldn’t wait to roll when we got back plus I took her back to the paddock without a lead rein and she just followed me.

I <3 that horse 🙂

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