Goodbye Ruby

I should have written this post sooner but there are just not enough hours in the day… and the last two month has been super crazy busy work-wise and personally..

But I digress.

I sold my car.. I sold Ruby.. And yes I was sad to see her go… I sold her to one of the grooms at Amber’s old stable yard. He had wanted to buy my car for ages and had been saving up.

I had had her for 9 years.. Lots has happened in those 9 years and there were a lot of memories created in that time.

Road trips to Durban; an accident on the N12 West; and one in the basement at Quirk; water pumps that burst; running out of petrol; moving – when I was with Mark – a lot..

She also went through some transformations – got alloy wheels instead of the steel wheels and hub-cabs, a racing steering wheel and pedals; a cone air filter, a new sound system – not to mention new shocks, new clutch; new cam-belt, cv boots and all the other parts that were replaced over the years when she was serviced.

She was fun to drive and I enjoyed driving her; she took corners pretty well; I would play the radio loud and drive with the windows down (the aircon used too much fuel)…

But she was getting tired.. Things were starting to break and she had done a lot of milage – over 345 00km’s – and it was time for a change…

So its goodbye Ruby, so long and farewell 🙂


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