Good Die Young – RIP Lerato

Good die young – a song by D12 that holds true for Lera. Lerato “Lera” Tshabalala was killed in a tragic motorbike accident on Saturday morning (9 October 2010). Motorbikes were his passion, his Skype status read “cars move your body, motorbikes move your soul”. He died doing what he loved.

I found out about his passing from a phone call with my boss on Monday. I was in shock and have been in mourning since. Lerato was too young to die. I found him inspirational in a way he will now never know – for his passion for life.

Lerato was a multi media designer as part of the team at our place of work – Talooma (previously known as JD Consulting). He was an incredibly talented designer. This man was full of spunk and tenacity, was always smiling and was incredibly likeable and easy to get on with – which would account for his many friends.

Today was Lerato’s funeral in Jo’burg. I wish I could have been there. Although I didnt know Lerato as well as I wanted to, its important to attend the funeral – it respectful. Mark attended on my behalf and passed on my messages of condolence to the family. He also bought yellow roses (at my request) to throw onto the coffin and shared them with those from Talooma who had also attended.

I wasnt there but I know it was incredibly sad and many could not keep it together. I started crying again when Mark told me about one of Lera’s friends revved and bounced his bike as the coffin was being lowered into the grave and how emotions flowed thereafter. What a powerful send off…

I had my own quite farewell today. I walked down to a beautiful spot on thebeach inbetween the rocks and wrote his name in the sand. I watched it slowly being washed away but the waves. It was my little way of saying goodbye.

Lerato, judging by the number of people at your funeral and the messages left on your Facebook status, you were a legend 🙂 and you will be sorely missed.

Musa (friend and collegue) summed it up so well with his Facebook status: I heard him singing “Dear mamma don’t cry, your baby boy’s doing good, tell the homies I’m in heaven an they ain’t got hoods” – Thugz Mansion

Read his online Talooma profile here >>

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