Garden of Eden and other Criminal Delights by Faye Kellerman

garden-of-edenTHE GARDEN OF EDEN and other CRIMINAL DELIGHTS is Faye Kellerman’s first book of short stories. The anthology features 17 stories including two new Decker/Rina stories written specifically for the collection. Also of note is two short stories co-authored with my children – The luck of the Draw with Rachel and Ilana Kellerman, and Mummy and Jack with Jesse Kellerman.

My thoughts:

I am not the biggest fan of short story books but after reading this one I might even try reading a few more.

The stories were comprehensive, yet short and sweet. Each story was unique, although some of characters were carried through, and most of them ended on a light note which made for easy reading and that “feel good” experience.

There was one very dark and disturbing story in the middle of the book that rocked my moral compass to the core and made me feel really uneasy. It was a definite change from the writing style of the rest of the book and really seemed out of place to me. Others might find the sudden mix up intriguing though.

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