Four Eyes

I took two days about two weeks ago and even though I still had to work a bit on Makro amongst other things, I had a bit of time to get some things sorted out for myself.

One of the things I did was make an appointment to have my eyes tested.

I went to Spec Savers in Lakeside Mall. I was there for about two hours and had numerous tests done on my eyes. They tested my blood pressure where the machine blows puffs of smoke into your eyes and it was really high the first time. They also took photo’s of my eyes. The left one was perfect, the right one was slightly strained and had a very high blood pressure.

I then saw a specialist and had to do a number of letter and number tests at a distance and up close. I was shocked at how bad my eye sight actually is for reading everything at a distance.

So I was told I have to get glasses for driving and for watching TV, movies etc. I was a bit sad and disappointed but I guess thats what happens when you stare at a laptop screen for 12 plus hours every day of the week


I had to do another test for my peripheral vision (another test for glaucoma). 10 minutes per eye. It was quite a strain. I had to stare at 4 red circles and not move my eye at all and click a clicker button everything I saw a white dot of varying intensity. The specialist phoned me later to tell me my test results were fine and I didn’t need to go further tests. I do need to have my pressure tested now every 6 months though just to be safe.

After that I tried on frames and surprisingly I did not look as bad as I thought I would in glasses! I eventually settled on a subtle golden brown colour half frame and after some calculations, was told that Discovery would cover all the costs and I would be able to pick up my frames within the next 10 days.

I have since collected my glasses, they adjusted and fitted them for me and I was amazed at how well I could see on the way home; I was reading all the road signs and building signs I possibly could and my mom kept telling me to concentrate on the road LOL

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