Four Eyes – Round Two

I first got glasses in September 2013 – just after getting my new (now not so new) car. This was after going for an eye test as I realised I was battling to read at a distance – read four eyes.Then last year I went to a 24 hour car wash – that I have never been to before and will never return to – and while I was sitting outside waiting for them to vacuum the car, my glasses got stolen. Can you believe it? In any case.. I only realised this later on the way home and although I called the owner of the car wash, no one was willing to speak to me or return my calls so I gave up. I have since been without glasses.

So the migraines returned – granted also due to the stress I have been under as well – and I was struggling to see in general; like reading signs on the highway or the McDonalds menu when ordering so it was actually starting to suck. I know I needed to wait for two years for Discovery to cover me for glasses again or however that works – so I managed to wait this long – but two months short of two years I just couldn’t wait any longer. So I called Spec Savers and made an appointment.

That was two weeks ago at 8am on a Saturday morning. I had the pictures of my eyes taken and three lots of glaucoma tests (as my results were extremely high) and then saw the optometrist to have the normal reading tests. As I thought my eyesight has deteriorated but not excessively. Still sad about it 🙁 But the worst was the fact that the glaucoma test results were high so I am going to have to see a specialist – my appointment is on the 17th of August.

I then went back out and tried on some frames. I asked the consultant helping me to only show me frames that had a solid eye piece and solid frames. I wanted a different look. My last frames were frameless. I tried on a whole lot of different sizes and styles. I eventually settled on a pink and brown frame. The consultant then worked out a quote for me that included tinting and anti glare (no reflection thingy). I got the frames for free (on promotion), Discovery paid for 20% and the rest out of my MSA (Medical Aid Savings). I only ended up paying the R561 odd difference. And the best thing is that this time I have insurance on the frames if I lose them or they get stolen within the next two years I will only need to pay a 20% co-payment to get another pair. Yay 🙂

I picked up the new glasses at Spec Savers this past weekend after having them adjusted. And now besides the fact that I look dorky (isn’t dorky the new cool), I can actually see! Words and numbers and detail – not just a blur of color or nothingness. I can also now watch TV and I can actually read the DSTV channel descriptions and the clarity is great! The world is actually quite pretty when I am not looking at my phone (short sighted).


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