Finding solutions to the lameness problem

Amber is looking so good and is really happy at Banbury.

But she is STILL lame. Nearly a year after moving her to this stable yard.

I have been putting off having her shod for a number of reasons, financial being one of them; but I have been thinking about it a lot lately. An then after this weekend’s outride, we didn’t even go for a long outride but she wanted to walk on the grass as much as possible and I looked at her front hooves and they were chipping badly, and we didn’t even go that far.

I was hoping she would get better on her own. But she hasn’t. So I decided to speak to Tam about it and also emailed Karen and Bernie about getting her shod. They agreed that maybe I should get her shod on her front hooves and see how it goes.

Bernie then phoned me this morning and said the farrier was there to sort out some other horses and would shoe Amber there and then. So now she has front shoes.

I can’t wait to see and also to see how hopefully she is now – less lame 🙂

I also spoke to Louise about the acupuncture specialist who is coming to see La Bree and asked if she can give Amber a once over as well at the same time.

I want to be able to ride her properly now. I am tired of just messing around.

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