Father’s Day 2014

My dad is my hero. I have always been daddy’s girl and I probably always will be.

I am a tom boy which has also pleased my dad immensely!  I will never forget how excited he was when I joined the girls soccer team at varsity; he could tell all his friends and colleagues and he even bought me a pair of togs!

Subsequently we do a lot of things together: camping, fishing, cleaning the cars and anything car related, I watch the rugby with him, and we both love pizza and biltong and beer!

I asked my dad to go shopping with me as I really wanted to get a new watch and was hoping I could get it at Edgars as they had 20% all watches special that ended on Sunday.

My dad is good at buying that kind of thing, plus I wanted to get some more running clothes at Mr Price Sport and he would help me with that too – being as practical as he is 🙂

But shopping aside and saving that for a post on it’s own: as Sunday was also Father’s day I told him as he was coming with me shopping, I would also take him for breakfast and that we could go anywhere except Wimpy or Mugg and Bean. I wanted it to be special!

We ended up going to Cappachino’s in the food court at East Rand Mall.

We were seated at the back on the benches; we both ordered hazelnut latte’s as my dad wanted to try something different; I usually order a latte if they have nice flavours.

I had the Vegetarian Breakfast with two eggs, two hashbrowns, mushrooms in a creamy sauce and 3 pieces of fried halomi. My dad had a Country Breakfast with bacon, mushrooms, two eggs, chips and two pieces of grilled tomato cos I gave him mine. He also ordered a side plate of chicken livers, which turned out to be very spicy, which he likes but maybe a bit spicy even for him – LOL.

It was nice to spend some quality time with my dad, we spent a lot of time talking about a lot of things, some really deep things too, such as if I’ll ever get married (which I probably won’t at this point), the fact that I don’t want kids, my plans for getting my own place at some point, and then we also spoke about Amber and what I am going to do about her; which we decided that nothing will happen til my parents get back from their holiday in the UK in August.  It was time well spent that’s all I can say and makes me want to cry now that I am writing this.

I love my dad. And I must admit that it is hard watching both him and my mom get older.


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