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I don’t like being negative and I have been trying really hard to be less negative (more positive) in general. Things have even been a lot better since the whole letting go situation.

But all this is just getting a bit much and I feel I need to get it out.


The current electricity situation in South Africa is a joke. Eskom claim to have made R9.3 billion profit in the first six months of the last financial year (ending September 2014) – see here. So they can make a profit that they pay to their shareholders but can’t keep the lights on? Or build new power stations? So they loadshed instead and increase electricity costs by some ridiculous amount again. Loadshedding during peak traffic periods so it ends up taking two hours to get home, and then loadshedding when I get home.. It’s not fun. It’s frustrating. And yes I know it could be worse. We could not have electricity at all. Complete blackouts. Imagine how the economy would suffer then. And as frustrating as this all is – it just seems like the majority of us just accept it. But why should we? Why shouldn’t we stand up against this. Is there even anything we can do? Protests? Will it even make a difference?

Which brings me to etolls.


This is a passionate subject. A cause. I refuse to pay for etolls. I pay my taxes. I contribute to the government coffers. We pay the fuel levies every time we fill up. Why should we pay to use existing roads? Why should we be forced to pay? Now that government are holding a gun to our heads with regards to the licence disk? Now what happens? Maybe going forward insurance companies will make concessions with regards to this. If you pay for your license and have a receipt but not an actual disk?  I don’t feel like I want to be bullied into submission about this. I am angry. I know other people are too. I feel that we should be able to stand up to government and say enough is enough. Will people be brave enough to do this though?

I am hoping more light is shed on this in the next few weeks before this implementation goes ahead – which is likely to take another 18 months and still legally requires public consultation.

Here are a few articles I have found so far that are worthwhile reading:




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Petrol Price Increases

The petrol price is also set to increase by for petrol and for diesel at the beginning of June 2015. So much for saving money on fuel. Yes I know it’s based on the global economy too. But still. The increases (after all the decreases) are finally starting to add up again. My opinion: why did they not just add 10 cents to the fuel levy for etolls when the fuel price was under the R11 per litre mark. We would have accepted it then and been a lot less angry and frustrated about the whole thing then we are right now.

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