Cleopatra – Panelbeating Round 2 for 2014

So hopefully I will be getting my car back this week. If not this week then early next week – pretty please with a cherry on top. I can’t wait.

I have been driving the rental since the accident earlier this month – a blue Hyundai i10 – but it is due back at Avis on Thursday and then I will be car-less which is a bit of problem. But will be cross that bridge when we get there.

The Rental

Driving this little car has been interesting. It’s only a 1.1 litre and it’s petrol. Cleopatra is a 1.6 Turbo Diesel. Big difference. Especially when you are on the highway and need to over take a truck going 40km p/hr. In this car, I just sit behind it. There is no way I can get enough power from that little engine to overtake. The boot is tiny and I cant fit any of my horse riding stuff in it. It has hubcaps and not alloys. It has electric windows but no central locking or an alarm. Unlocking with a key lost it’s novelty after day 1 lol. But I am grateful to have had wheels – at least until Thursday – as not having transport at all would have been really difficult for me.

The PanelBeaters

Proline which is part of the Renew-It Group has been given the privilege of working on my beloved Cleopatra. I must say I am pretty happy with their service thus far. They keep me up to date in terms of progress via email, sms’s and phone calls which is a nice touch. I did not get any of the when she was at North City Panelbeaters. I even got a full quote and breakdown of the repairs and part replacements so I know what work would be done on the car and what it all involved. So here is hoping they finish up in time and the end result is of a higher quality/standard than North City as well.

The Insurance

My current insurance company for my car is Discovery Insure. My premiums are not all that inexpensive but I do get fuel rewards for good driving – tracked via my tracking device. I also have the Discovery Insure app on my phone currently but so far it’s been easy to drive under the speed limit all the time in the under powered rental lol.

They phoned me just after my accident as they picked up a collision via the tracking system and arranged the towing of my vehicle. I requested for it to go to Proline though and not the SMD write off yard where they wanted to send it initially. They also arranged for a rental car for me for 3 days from Avis in Isando but I was not informed of the fact that I also had to set up a claim through the call centre. So later on, after running around sorting out the car license, reporting the accident at the police station and all that, I phoned the call centre and asked why I was only getting the car for three days. It was only then that I was informed by the consultant that I had to actually initialise a claim. 30 minutes later I had a claim number at least.

The next two weeks involved a lot of phone calls and email correspondence regarding my car, the accident, the repair approval etc. Natasha, the consultant assigned to me for the rest of this process was terrible. Still is. I had to enquire numerous times about the rental car though as I after the initial 3 days of car hire, I was given a extra week. Then after a week and once approval for the repair was given I raised the point that the repairs would take 16 working days (as per the documentation) and therefore I was would need the car for longer. Natasha had told me that I had to find out how long it would take once I dropped the car off at the Panelbeaters. I was flabbergasted to say the least. She would have known the car was not drivable and had infact been taken to Proline on the day of the accident already. Well at least I thought she would have known. I escalated the issue and when I asked to review Natasha on service delivery I gave her a 4/10. My car hire has since been extended the full 30 days but I have not heard a word from anyone from Discovery Insure since!! It feels like I have been left in the lurch completely.

My premium also went up this month which I was not happy about so I might start shopping around for cheaper insurance one of these days. *sigh*


But I just want my car back now. I miss driving her. I just need to be patient and make a plan if need be regarding transport. And then there is the question of the excess.

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