Cleopatra : Adding character

I really really love my car. She is nearly a year old now. Already. Can you believe it. She has almost done 20 000km’s. She has already had her first service and her first accident.

She has also had a couple of other character adding incidents which I am not all that happy about.

Hail damage a few weeks after I got her. Two dents on the bonnet.

A dent on the right front door from someone’s else car – have no idea where or when that happened. Also a few weeks after I got my car.

A section on my door that has been painted a different kind of white. Have no idea how that got happened or where or when. I noticed it one day when I was washing the car. Could have even been at North City Panel Beaters – but one will never know.

A paint chip on the front left door from a stone that a truck flicked up. This year. A few weeks ago.

And most recently. Scratches on the back fender on the right from me scrapping my car against the pillar in the basement after trying a series of clever but stupid moves to get out.

I managed to organise paint polish from a panel shop to get the green paint out. But the scratches still remain.

I was really pissed off with myself. And at some point I will need to get all these things looked at. Not sure when though and if I can get away with claiming for them all in one go.

Guess it all adds character to the car right? At least they are not all that noticeable as well! You have to look up close. And plus my car is in serious need of a wash so that also helps..


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