Cleaning Tack

I dropped my brand new saddle last weekend and it got scratched. I was really really pissed off. It was only the third time that I had used it and it had already fallen off Amber’s back and got scratched in the dirt.

I was cross with myself… I swore and smacked Amber and had a bit of a rant… I didn’t even want to ride really.. So I let my friend who had come with me to see Amber had a bit of a walk around instead.

I put on my status that I scratched it and Ann (from ricing) offered to bring all her oils for me to fix it up on Sunday 🙂

When my parents got back from bowls, we put some dubbin on the scratches and by sunday they already looked a whole lot better 🙂

I still put my bumnah on anyway to protect the saddle from further mishaps….

So I oiled my new saddle this weekend and I also cleaned and oiled my two bridles, and Louise’s bridle and saddle for La Bree, too. The lounge is looking a bit like a tack room at the moment LOL

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