After returning the little blue Hyandai i20 to Avis on Thursday afternoon, I have been carless. The car was due back after 30 days as per the rental agreement with my insurance company Discovery.

So it has now been more than 30 days since my car accident; and more than 30 days since my car has been at Proline Renew-it. DiscoverySA have still not said a word to me but I got notification on Saturday that my car is being assembled so I am holding thumbs that I will get it back tomorrow or Wednesday!

It is weird not having wheels and having to rely on other people. I dropped my mom at work on Friday and fetched on the way home – but that meant her having to work a full day instead of half a day and that was also an inconvience for her. She also lent me the car today to get to work and cancelled the service on the car for this week in order to help me out with transport.

My sister and brother in law also had to bring me back home yesterday after staying at their house for two nights for I <3 Joburg as I had no other way of getting home.

I just miss my car now and I can’t wait to have her back!


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