Bumper Bashing

My car and I were in an incident together. One of those unpleasant types of incidents. Last year at the beginning of December on a rainy Thursday afternoon, I was driving home and on my way through the office park parking, someone reversed into me as I was driving past.

Dylan in a black opal Corsa with Eastern Cape number plates wasn’t looking and just reversed out of parking.

I tried to swerve and miss him but he just kept coming and we collided.

He hit the front right corner of my car with the back left corner of his.

I was so angry and upset. I got out and looked and immediately burst into tears.

A few people stopped and suggested I move my car. Carla stopped and so did Ashley. Carla moved my car and then went to get us coldrinks; and Ashley took all the guys details while I stood in the rain and cried. And I phoned my mom.

Dylan kept apologizing to me and saying it wasn’t that bad and it was going to be alright. I was like.. This is my brand new car you just reversed into idiot.

So I decided to go to the Gallo Manor police station and do the accident report straight away and Dylan came with me. Which was a good thing cos it meant he could fill in his part of the 4 page accident report form.

I found out that the car was in his dad’s name (who lived in the Eastern Cape) and that he was insured with Auto & General but only on Third Party, Fire and Theft.

We got a temporary AR number and had to phone Morning Side police station the next day for the actual report number.

AR 60/12/2013

So then I had to phone Discovery Insure and inform them of the incident. They arranged for me to take my car to be assessed at Car World in Wynburg a week later; which I did. They said it would be new bumper, side panel, headlight, spotlight and wheel balancing.

North City Panelbeaters will phone to arrange when I can bring my car in; after all the hail damage claims.

Discovery Insure did inform me that I had to pay my excess and their legal department would try and get it back for me but it isn’t guaranteed.

So will see what happens next. Was just upset that it happened in the first place.



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