Bullies – they exist. And they dont go away even as you get older. In fact I think the older they get the worse they get.

Manupulative, selfish, mean – are all words that can be used to define a bully.

Bullies like to take advantage of every situation they can and try and force other people into submission to get what they want.

I was bullied when I was younger. I have been bullied throughout my working career. I have been bullied in my relationships.

This is my fault – I am too nice. I dont stand enough for myself. And when I do I get bullied and threatened even more. Why are people like this? Why do people lie and why are they deceitful? Why do they feel they can turn everything around and blame you when they are clearly in the wrong no matter what the consequences? And you have to go to great lengths to prove otherwise even though you did everything right?

How do people like that sleep at night? Do they not have a conscious? Does it make them happy to hurt others?

I just hope karma comes around and bites them in the ass. #thatisall

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