Book list: 2018

So 2018 was a lot of things but it was not my year for reading books.

I managed to read a total of 3 books in 2018. The first one I read during and after my Cape Town holiday: Things I want my daughters to know. I read another one on my Mauritius holiday in October: A Parcel for Anna Browne. Both of these were feel good, chick literature novels.

The last one was a psychological thriller: Cross and Burn. Very intense but super enthralling. All of them by authors I have not read previously.

I must admit that compared to 2017, my performance was dismal. But I did take on a lot of other things to keep my occupied and distracted so I think I am excused this time!

Maybe in 2019 I can do better than 3 books but I doubt I will beat my 2017 record of 11 🙂

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