Being Sick Sucks

I really don’t like being sick; not that any one does I can imagine. Although some people choose to be hungover but that is a different kettle of fish. I don’t like going to the doctor and I only go when it is absolutely necessary or if I need a refill on a script. Being healthy is way way better. There I said it. I must be getting old.

I have not had the flu in years; I actually can’t even remember the last time I was sick. Not sneezing, coughing, red nose reindeer sick. Broken yes – I was always banged up from horses and riding or both. This accounted for the majority of my sick days I think since I got back into horse riding. And definitely accounts for most of my doctor and hospital visits.

I really hope to get over this quickly. I have finished all my medication. Bed rest for three days did help but I probably need more. Early to bed for the rest of the week it is then. And then I can start getting back into some sort of exercising again. At least now I have an excuse not to exercise for a while 🙂


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