Back to work blues


I started back at work today after being on leave for a few days and sick leave for the majority of the time. After my fall, I have been mostly house bound. And it has been kinda boring. But probably good for me in a way – to do absolutely nothing – especially considering the year (make that 2.5 years) at Quirk. To say it was insanely busy and I was overworked would be an understatement.
So I came back to work. Felt a bit weird about it. Know that things are going to be different now but didn’t know how different.
A few people asked my injuries, but overall I feel kinda isolated. Tech is so disjointed right now but with three people leaving the department I guess that is bound to happen.
Maybe I am just depressed to be back at work. Maybe this is just how things are going to be. Let’s hope it starts picking up from here on out.
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