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I have not had much time to read lately which (this time) has been a good thing because I have actually been busy living on weekends – going out; doing stuff; drinking; watching a lot of TV.

But that is over for the moment. The weather is also not helping. I also wanted to take a bit of break after reading the whole Twilight saga (Twilight a while ago and then, New Moon, Eclipse, Breaking Dawn in short succession). I think it is time to get back into the whole reading thing again though. Especially as I seem to be spending more time on my phone now before going to bed and that is not all that healthy – it ends up being depressing after a while (scrolling through FaceBook and Twitter I mean).

So now the question is: do I go back to something from Peter Robinson. I like thrillers and murders and that kind of thing in case you were wondering. I think I have a few of those still lurking around somewhere or do I look for something else?

Does anyone have anything they can recommend for me?

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