Back it up baby…

It has taken two weekends of my life to do but I have backed up all my photos and important files – from 2x smart phones(Blackberry and my old N97), 1x laptop (HP Pavilion) and my PC.

Not only did I back all these things up, but I also sorted out and moved a whole lot of files and info that was saved to my desktop and deleted a whole lot of stuff that I no longer need! Felt great!

Decided to do this as part of my new years resolution of getting things in order. I found a whole lot of the ex’s stuff too (Mark) but didn’t let it get to me and I deleted a lot of it anyway.

Must be part of that spring cleaning feeling!

What a mission though and I never thought it would be so time consuming but I am happy to say that it is done 🙂

I feel so much better knowing that all my stuff is backed up and is safe somewhere.

*Breathe sigh of relief *

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