Awful Ride

On Sunday I had the worst ride I have ever had on Amber on Sunday. The only part that was nice was the short bareback walk in a halter back to the paddock afterwards.

She was good when I tacked her up by the car and I didn’t drop the saddle – one good thing…

The whole ride though.. Ugly..

She did not want to go anywhere, she did not want to listen. She fought with me the whole way. I tried being nice, calm and patient. I had to get off twice and smack her and drag her past the nothingness.

She didn’t want to trot, she didn’t want to walk and she bucked when I smacked her.. I hated every second of the ride that I was fighting her.

I should have given up after Ann came back. I lunged her; she was slightly lame. I don’t want a lame naughty horse. I want to jump and I want to show her and I want to canter her in the arena…

Is that too much to ask?


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