Another year another chance

It is the year 2016. It’s nearly April 2016 to be more exact. I meant to write a post about how much I was looking forward to this year; that I was excited and full of hope for a better year than the last however many (twelve or so).

So far it has been anything but great; but that could just be my general negative outlook on life, creeping in and settling down on me.

Why do I think it has been so bad?

It might have a lot to do with the fact that I moan way too much; I take everything too personally; I get frustrated and get hurt very easily.
It is much easier to focus on the negative in everything and none of the positive in anything.

I can be generally quite grumpy and I have down days (who doesn’t) – much more than I used to when I was horse riding as one example.

I know this needs to change; I know something needs to change; I know I need to change.

The question is how. Do I focus more on the positive? As in write posts about it? Make lists? Say yes more? Say no more? Force myself to do stuff?

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    • Meg - 4 years ago

      Can you believe we are 3 months into this year – can’t believe how fastits going. I had such big plans for this year, and I sometimes have my moments where throwing my hands up just seems like my only option. I am a firm believer of positive energy breeds positive attitude and generally if you are more positive, good stuff seems to go your way. Start small and work at it every day – its a conscious thing.

    • Megan - 4 years ago

      Thank you so much for commenting! Baby steps I guess and one step at a time 🙂

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