And I did it – I signed up – for gym

I put this off for a week or two (after the initial investigation) but on Saturday morning – after a nice unhealthy yet delicious breakfast at Spur – decided to bite the bullet and drove to Virgin Active at the K90 shopping centre in Boksburg to sign up.

First of all I went to the wrong one – there is a Virgin Active Red gym in the same centre as the Dischem and Woolworthes a block or two down from the K90 centre. For some reason I thought that this smaller gym was the K90 one – turns out that although it is a new gym; its a smaller, more cross fit focused gym – good to know but not what I was looking for; although maybe a possibility in the future (maybe).

So arriving at the correct gym at the K90 centre, I filled in my details, had my photo taken and after my mom asked the consultants for a list of eligible single guys (which they thought was hilarious), paid for and signed up for a premium membership through Discovery Vitality. So normally the price for joining (without Vitality) would have been R799 odd for a premium membership but as they pay 80% of the fees, I only need to pay R296 per month – subject to terms and conditions; which is basically that you need to go 36 times a year over a rolling 12 month period – which equates to at least 3 times a month (consistently).

I had to pay R1355, which is made up of the R1225 for the joining fee and R130 for the card fee. I also did not need to pay for the subscription fee for the month of August.The consultant printed out a class schedule for me and organised with the manager for me to get a free bag (which I needed to pick up today and wasn’t able to get but will hopefully get tomorrow). I then sat with another consultant who very inaudibly set up a MyActive profile for me and gave me a boot camp work-out to follow as well as a eating plan.

I did not take a tour of the gym as I was not dressed for the occasion firstly and secondly I needed to get my mom home else she was going to be late for her afternoon bowls session.

But I did it. I signed up. #babysteps

Yesterday I sorted out a towl, got locks for the lockers for my sister and I, bought a new pair of gym pants, a headband and a swimming cap for when I eventually decide to venture into the water, from Mr Price Sport.

I then decided to try some stuff so I could work out what goes with what. I was very disappointed. I am fat. I really am. I can’t fit into the majority of my summer sports tops, and those that I can fit into (just) show all my imperfections (aka love handles and muffin top) uncerimoneously. I was gutted. I still am. I managed to find a whole lot of big baggy soccer shirts and other t-shirts that I can wear so long. There are only a handful (ok maybe a bit more) of weeks til summer. I need to do something and I need to do it yesterday!

Tonight is my first session so wish me luck.

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    • Chantelle - 5 years ago

      You did it – that is a step in the right direction. Good luck with the journey 🙂

    • Bronwynne - 5 years ago

      Firstly, high five! Secondly, no one really cares what you look like & what you wear. I also used to think they do but once you’re there, you’ll see for yourself. The hardest part is getting there. My tip: don’t overthink it or you’ll talk yourself out of it. And even if you do 20mins of walking on the treadmill listening to some good music or TED talks, you’ll feel fab when u get home. I loved classes like boxing. Also one or two sessions with a personal trainer helps, even if it’s to show you how all the machines work. Enjoy it!

    • Megan - 5 years ago

      Thank you so much!

    • Megan - 5 years ago

      Thank you 🙂 I appreciate all the advice!