An expensive parking incident…

So after bragging about my parking skills, Murphy played me a good one and the very next day I end up scraping the left side of my car along a green concrete pillar in the basement of the Quirk Office Building.

I didn’t cry immediately. I kicked the bumper. And nonchalantly walked up the stairs and set up my laptop at my desk. I took the project manager Taz downstairs with me and upon looking at the damage, promptly burst in tears…

Ruby, thats my car’s name, was dented, scratched and full of green paint. Mary, HR and Justin’s mom, saw me crying, had a look and gave me a hug.

Between Mary and Taryn, they organized Godfrey and some brake fluid (thanks Sindi) and he buffed out the green paint.

In the meantime, I phoned my dad and told him the bad news, and posted a pic of Ruby on FB with a caption – Car 0 Concrete Pillar 1.

Godfrey asked me to go get some nail polish so I went at lunch time to DisChem and bought the cheapest maroon nail polish I could find – which was probably a mistake in retrospect. I also drew some cash to give some to Godfrey to say thank you.

Back at the office, I gave him the nail polish and together with break fluid he did an amazing job on the door and the panel! I even showed it off to some people from the office.

Unfortunately that night it rained and Ruby parks outside. Friday morning I looked at her and all Godfrey’s hard work had gone to waste. My door now looked like a really bad paint job – scratched and flakey and pink. Think it was combination of the rain, the brake fueled and the cheap ass nail polish 🙁

Ash was really super kind and offered to help me out with the damage as he said he felt bad for my car but I politely declined although it was an amazing gesture and made me smile.
I park next to him in the basement and in all fairness I would rather damage my piece of crap than his new shiny red WRX, which is why I drove so close to the pillar, but in any case it happened and I am taking full responsibility for it now..

Being an adult is hard.

A long story cut short, on Saturday morning – after more rain she looked even worse so I decided to take her for an evaluation at a panelbeater that is known to the parentals..
Got the quote which included the damage done by reversing into a street sign
The damage: R5250…

Decided not to go through insurance as I have already claimed for a windscreen this year and this would not be my first accident…

Sucked it up and paid the 50% deposit and am using my savings for my new car to pay for the old one so will have to old off getting another car for the meantime.

My sister, who is going through a tough time personally herself, was extremely generous and out of the blue gave me some money towards fixing Ruby…

Completely blew me away.. I started crying all over again.. I love my sister.. I love my family.. If nothing else, I know I can count on them and for that I am incredibly grateful xxx

So now I am driving my dad’s car to work for the week. Makes a change.. A bit of luxury FTW 🙂

Ashley sent me a get well card for Ruby and hopefully by the end of the week I will have her back and she will be a bit less battered and bruised than she has been 🙂


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