An Eureka Moment

The last time I fell off Amber I was in the school – in a lesson and it was slightly embarrassing yes..
I thought about it and realised I had been using a different saddle to the one I usually use as all the other ones were being used in lessons.

I thought about it a bit more.. and then after a random thought I asked my really awesome friend Tam (who besides being a really good horse trainer is also a brilliant up-and-coming photographer) about when she rides Amber and what saddle she uses.

Turns out she doesn’t buck when Tam rides her when she uses her own personal saddle. But she bucks when I ride her in the school trident saddle.

Then last weekend I rode Amber in the school with Tam watching and taking pics and after Amber threw a huge tantrum with me I got scared and Tam could see so she offered to ride her for me and give her a good smack. I didn’t even hesitate.. Jumped off and gave her the reins. She rode her without a helmet and had her going nicely after a while but as soon as she asked her to canter she started bucking…and even after a good hiding.. We tried her in another saddle and cantered her.. Same thing..

Came to the conclusion both saddles were ill-fitting and hurt her in some way which is why she bucks!

In conclusion:

I really need my own saddle. I not only need it but I have to get my own saddle for my own. For Amber’s well being and my own – cant keep being bucked off either.

I have to use the school saddles unfortunately in the meantime but am holding thumbs that I do eventually get my own.

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