Amber – The News

Amber. Tipuana Amber. My beautiful bay mare. Can also be a Night-mare.

I have had the pony since 2009 – she was still a baby when I went to see her at the Tipuana stud farm.

Amber and I have been through a lot together. Horse sickness, breaking her in – more than once, lots of tumbles and falls – the worst one being at the end of last year. We have attended shows – utility, dressage, jumping and in-hand classes. We even competed in an endurance ride together in September 2012. She has been stabled at three different places.

  • Nest Park near Bronkhorstspruit
  • Shumbashaba Stables in Mnandi
  • and now in Banbury Stables in Petit

But she has been lame for close on a year now and after resting her numerous times, taking her for a lameness examination, having a equine pediatrist look at her and having her treated by an acupuncturist, she is still lame.

She is much better than she has been. Full of life again and full of shit. she has a new boyfriend – an Appaloosa by the name of Jack. And she is pushy and wont stand still to get on and all the usual things that she was before she got so horribly lame.

I rode her on Saturday. Gave her a trot and a few canters. She was uncomfortable and kept fighting me. I was dumb and tried trotting her over some crosses and she went ballistic, straight into a canter, jumping, bucking, swerving to miss crashing into the jump and then I fell off. Bruised and swollen back. Whiplash. Ripped out and lost an earring. Scratched nose.

The thing is I keep hurting myself and it’s no longer fun – it has not been fun for a while now…

Not that falling off is ever fun but now that I am getting older I guess I have to be adult about it and admit that all these falls are not helping me health-wise and won’t help much when I am really old either. Plus she is not 100% sound which makes me feel bad for riding her. And I don’t think she will ever be a 100% sound again.

Fighting with her is hard work and not all that enjoyable either and as I don’t get time to ride during the week and can only ride weekends, having my own horse and paying for stabling for me to ride her on weekends or when she is not lame, has not been worth it thus far.

The question is what do I do now? Do I try get her right with more sessions with the acupuncturist and then decide? How many sessions does one try? Do I give her away? Who would want to take on a mare like her? I know she can be used for breeding as he is really pretty or she can be a companion horse. But she is only 6 years old. This is so hard.

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