Amber – Progress Report – 15 April 2013

I have not ridden Amber for two weeks since deciding to give her a break to see if it makes any difference and she gets any better.
Last week I brought 3 kg’s of Equifox Complete supplements to the yard to be added to her meals to help her – hopefully. The supplements consist of minerals, vitamins and amino acids.

I was hoping it would make some kind of difference for her; in her general well being. So far, in a week, nothing as changed. She still looks half asleep and lethargic.. She has started getting her winter coat which is darker, but thats about it.

I went to catch her and tacked her up and intended taking her for a walk.

I did a bit of trotting and she was completely lame, trotting short on both front legs. She was also nightmare on the outride even though we were only walking.. She didn’t want to go past anything. It was frustrating beyond belief.

I love this horse and she is so beautiful but she is no fun to ride and if she is lame forever then whats the point.

I am so frustrated and confused and I don’t know what to do… I want to see if another week or two of non-work makes any difference but at this point I feel like nothing is working/changing/happening…


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