Amber: Lameness and Expenses

So I have been posting on my other blog ( about Amber but since no one ever reads it I thought I would blog about it here.

Amber has been lame for about 6 months now if not longer. Tam stopped riding her cos she was lame. I just carried on riding her cos she wasn’ts consistantly lame.

But that has changed. She has just gotten worse. No life. No energy. Hates being ridden.

So I decided to do something about it. I asked around and got some numbers from people about lameness testing and scanning and eventually organised for Amber to go see a specialist and get nerve blocks and scans done on her right front leg.

That happened today. I was supposed to meet them at the place I thought it was at – in Kyalami. Turns out it was in Bronkhorstspruit somewhere.

So all my planning for going to work at sparrow fart to leave at 9 to meet up at this place was for naught. I ended up staying at the office and phoned my dad every half an hour to get a progress report.

Not only did my dad have to box her and take her alone (with a groom) as Bernie couldn’t make due to personal reasons, but I was not there to see what they were doing and ask questions and explain her condition.

Was bummed and upset to say the least.

And two hours later, some nerve blocking and scanning and they don’t actually know what is wrong with my horse. More importantly R2820 later. But she is on bute for 6 weeks and is not allowed to be in the paddock for 6 weeks. She has to be stable bound and rest is on the cards.

And if there is not improvement then we take her back to the specialist.

In the meantime no riding and the waiting game begins.

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