Amber is still lame and super stubborn

Riding Amber lately has been so much of hard work and frustration that it is really starting to take it’s toll on me. I know her lameness has something to do with it. I think she hates being ridden because she might actually be in pain. But she is also incredibly stubborn and point blank refuses to do anything. Refuses to walk forward, refuses to trot, refuses to canter, refuses to go out, refuses to be ridden in. And when she goes out she refuses to be in front and ignores my leg aids, my smacking, my shouting.

I am starting to resent her; resent the situation; make excuses not to go to riding even though I am paying a fortune to have her. I would rather ride any other horse and am eternally grateful to Ann for letting me ride Vivaldi and see what’s like to ride a horse that is willing and respondent and that loves to jump! (more about that in another post)

I am making a plan to get her to see a vet that will be able to scan her and do a lameness test on her and will take it from there.

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