Amber is sore and uncomfortable to ride :(

Amber has some really awesome moments where we have lots of fun together but the last two or three weeks of riding her have not been as pleasurable.

She is uneven and uncomfortable in the trot until she has warmed up. And she has not been keen to work or jump at all.

Then about two weeks ago Bernie asked me if she has ever been ticklish.. I know she isn’t.. So when she showed me how to check which muscles are sore and showed me how sore her back legs and shoulder is, I was shocked.

She suggested I get her to have some accupucture sessions to release the tension in her muscles…

So I am going to suck it up and pay for her to have some sessions so I can start working with her properly, under saddle, and get her ready to jump and get her fit by doing lots of ground work…

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