Amber has hoof problems.. Maybe

So today was the day that Amber saw the specialist.

Firstly, I was supposed to meet Bernie and my dad at Canterbury; thinking it was in Kyalami; when in fact it was in Bronkhorspruit; so now there was no ways I could drive all the way there from Woodmead. Secondly Bernie couldn’t make it and my dad had boxed and towed her himself – with a groom thankfully; but still.

I felt a bit sick. I should have been there. I wanted to be there with my horse.

I did blog about it here… Amber: Lameness and Expenses

Basically they worked out that it definitely is her hoof and most likely tendon damage. But they were not able to find anything conclusive.

What does that mean? A R2820 bill. A course of Bute, shoes that elevate her right foot by 3cm and stable bound for 6 weeks to rest. Apparently that means I am going to have a very grumpy horse on my hands.

Here is hoping that she comes right. Else it means another trip to the specialist and a possible MRI scan (read lots and lots of money).

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