Amber gets a bath

After riding out on Sunday with Mark and Ann, we all decided to give our horses a bath when we got back to the stable.

After we untacked, Amber was put into the narrow crush and the other two alternated in the next closest wash bay. As the hose pipe wasn’t all that long we could not be too far away. Knowing how much Amber moves I opted for the crush.

I had shampoo and conditioner in her box in the tack room as well as the water scraper and a wash brush so I was all sorted!

She was actually very good.. Yay! She just didn’t like the water on her face but most horses don’t anyway. She pinched her bum up when I put the cold water on her tail and we all laughed! She really did look funny…

I also washed her legs and her mane and tail and then rinsed her; then I put rubbed conditioner into her main and tail before rinsing that off too!

I didn’t have to scrape too much of the water off her as she dried pretty quickly in the hot sun! We all got a bit wet and sun-burnt in the process LOL

I would have left in her in the crush to dry fully and then spray her with horse fly spay and paint the hardener on her front hoofs (soles) but there were other people waiting to use the crush so I took her out.

She does not like to be sprayed. Hates it in fact. So I tried to spray her with fly spray and mosquito spray while she danced around me unelegantly. LOL

I also tried to clean her hooves by the car and put the hardener on.. Mark needed to hold her for me as she would NOT stand still.

I went to take photo’s of her in the paddock on my phone on the way out. This is the end result:


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