Amber and Long Lining

Thursday’s lesson with Amber from Tamaryn involved long lining. Amber has not been introduced to this concept before, and to be honest neither have I.

Tam worked her in the sand arena and was battling to keep up with her as she has a fast paced walk LOL. Then she let one of the kids have a go… Amber dropped her pace and was literally crawling along – taking very good care of the little one! Makes me proud to hear – new things and new people but at the same time makes me wonder why she is so difficult with me…

Some explanations:
Long lining is a technique that many trainers use to start a horse or to introduce new steps in training. Unlike lungeing, when you use long lines it gives you the flexibility to ground drive, double lunge, or work in hand.

Long lining, or ground driving refers to driving your horse without a cart. It prepares a young horse for under saddle work by teaching them how to steer, stop, bend, and give. Long lining can also be used as a tool to rehabilitate an injured horse, to instill confidence in a frightened horse or to prepare a horse to drive.

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