Amber and Learning Stuff

Ok so I havent seen much of my favourite filly the last two weeks… Not because I have not wanted to but because I have not had time – what with all the house sitting, towing, feed dogs, feeding cats (for Bonita), drupal meetups, CSS training and watching lots of TV with all the 2010 World Cup Action who has had time for anything else.. 🙂

But I have popping in to see her randomly and give her a BEEG hug and a few carrots… She is always happy to see me though but that is probably because I usually come bearing gifts in the form of carrots or her other favourite treat in the form of oatay..

Ok so its a Saturday and I have just come back from a really nice outride on Lonestar (thoroughbred and therapy horse) and my good friend Erina on her horse Tapsy. After untacking Lonestar and taking back to the paddock, I decided to introduce Amber to the concept of lunging..

So there is Mark and I in the tack looking for the right equipment.. Think it might help to have the right equipment to start with, don’t you? 🙂 lol.. We manage to find a lunging rope (good start).. a whip.. not that kind of whip.. a lunging whip and.. a vaulting pad a belt girth type thingy and we are good to go.. I still cant find a cavasson which would be better to teach lunging in, but we work out with the help of a groom that we can make do with a halter in the meantime..

So we (Mark, I, Amber and all the equipment) traipse from the stable, up to the dressage area. We put everything on where it is supposed to be, in other words, halter, lunge rein, vaulting pad secured (as tight as possible) and with no reaction from Amber, as yet, and we are good to go.

And so begins Amber’s first lunging experience… Ever!

First I need to lead her out so she gets used to walking with all her make shift contraptions.. Seems to handle it pretty well 🙂 Yay.. step one complete..

Moving on to step two… I stand a few metres away from her and we get her to walk on with the aid of the lunging whip which we later discover she is not in all phased by or scared of and it needs to be cracked before she puts any effort into moving forward..

Progress.. She is not scared of the whip but she will listen to it.. And she is moving forward at a nicely paced trot.. Great.. Just the circle is not quite a circle, more like a funny egg shape but its a start..

As its her first time we get her to do a few circles on either leg at a trot and canter and call it quits.. I don’t wanna do much on her first day and I also don’t want to hurt her as lunging can be strenuous.

I am very proud of this little filly and it always amazes me how she will come to me for affection and follow me and stand by my side.. I think we have a great bond and all this ground work is helping to make that bond even stronger, or at least I hope it is, so that when the time comes for me to climb on her back, she will trust me and we can work on becoming a great team, together 🙂

That is all! For now…

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