Amber : An Update | October 2014

Amber. This horse. I think she hates me. Or maybe she can tell I resent her a bit. I don’t know. She tries to bite me all the time. She never stands still for me when I try and get on her. Never. She fights against me when I am riding her. It’s a battle of wills. That’s actually it. A battle of wills.

The stable owner told me I need to ride her. Lame or not. Fixable or not. Unfixable or not. She needs to be worked. She has no muscle in her hind quarters. She has no bum. So yesterday was the third day of me riding her in running reins and trying to get her to work through her back; from behind. Make her tired and make her work. She is very uneven on the left hand rein. I will need to work on that and possibly have her back looked at and her left hand side but for now I am just getting her to work a bit and will take it from there.

30 mins of trotting and a bit of cantering is very tiring though. That is all I am going to say.

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