Amber : An Update | January 2015

So since my last two updates on the horse –

Amber : giving it two months


Amber : An Update | October 2014

not much has changed. There have been moments of good fortune and moments of bad fortune but I personally don’t feel any difference or that there has been any real or major progress.

The Good

On the one hand I had a really good lesson with her one Saturday; we trotted without stirrups and cantered on the right leg on both sides. It was amazing but in the back of my mind I couldn’t help thinking that she probably wasn’t feeling well as she is never that compliant.

A few of the kids at the yard also rode her a few times for me to work her; lots of trotting and even a bit of jumping; and outrides.

The Bad

She doesn’t stand still for me to get on her. She has bitten me a few times when I tack her up.

And she is still lame – some days more than others. She also wont canter on the left leg even on a circle and even on a tiny circle. She also tries to run out the lunge ring and take me leg out on one of the poles.

The Ugly

I fell off her one day while riding in the arena.

On another occasion she reared with me.

She has also run out of the big arena with me. She gets silly and head strong and it scares me.

I have taken her out on a few short outrides but I am still scared of her. She is better on outrides than in the arena which is strange but I don’t think she likes being ridden in –  cos she knows it’s hard work. I personally don’t think she likes being ridden at all. Or maybe just not by me.

Next Steps

So after all the other things I have tried: x-rays, shoeing, resting, box resting, acupuncture etc this is the last resort; the final thing I am going to try to found out what is wrong with her and if it is even fixable and then from there I can finally make a decision about her.

I need to move on. I have had her for more than five years now and there has been way more pain and financials costs than pleasure with her.

So let’s see what happens today and I will take it from there.

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