All About Amber.. for May 2010

The last time I posted an article about Amber was last month and I was hoping I would have been able to post again before today. Unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond my control… Okay maybe not so not dramatic… but still…to be honest I just have not had the time.. A poor excuse, but never the less, the truth 🙂

The last time I wrote anything on mysaddlefund, Amber was moving from Caravelle Stud in Nest Park, Bapsfontein with my family friend Lynette to Shumbashaba stables in Mnandi. That was last month already. She has been at her new home at Shumbashaba since the 17th of April 2010. I went to collect her with my friend and riding instructor from Shumbashaba, Renea Erasmus in her bakkie and horse box. Mark sat in the front and the groom and I sat in the back 🙂 I was very nervous..

The actual collection was a bit of a nightmare and confrontational with Lynette and Martha being rude and in your face about us coming to fetch Amber in the first place. I was given back everything that I had left there of Amber’s and otherwise. I was also shouted at for not bringing a friend for Amber to travel with.

I also had to sign a waiver against any damage to Amber before and during transportation. Ren was great throughout the whole affair and handled it very well (thanks again Ren).

Amber boxed straight away and travelled very well on her own (first time alone and only third time ever in a horse box). We got a bit lost coming home (missed the off-ramp) but we got back to Shumbashaba safely. Amber was off-loaded and put into a smaller paddock. She settled in pretty much straight away. She was so happy to see grass (and long green grass at that) having only had mud and sand for the first six months of my owning her. She also almost immediately started flirting with the boys (geldings) next door. Running around with her tail high in the air (the Arab in her appearing quite prominent).

I went home for a few hours and came back to the stables to put Amber to bed in her new stable for her first night. She was very alert and aware and a bit confused. She also did not like the acorns falling on the tin roof of the barn and she jumped every time one fell. But other than, she seemed okay when I finally left her for the night, knowing she was safe in the hands of Sharon and Renae and the grooms at Shumbashaba 🙂

The next day she was put straight into the paddock with the other mares. She was kept away from the water and had to find her place within the herd but it happened really quickly and she didn’t come out of the whole introduction any worse for wear. In fact she had no bite marks or kick marks after the day or even the first week 🙂 I was very happy and very impressed. I spent some time with her in the paddock and then again when the grooms brought her in for the night, in her stable.

It was an amazing feeling! Knowing that my beautiful filly was just down the road and I can visit her every day, twice a day if I want and not need to plan a three hour road trip just to see her 🙂 It actually felt so unreal the first week or two. It was like I was living someone else’s dream, until I woke up and realized I was living my own dream!

In terms of my actual fund for her saddle, its coming along very slowly. I might actually need to rethink this whole approach of mine… but more about this another time 🙂 I think I have shared enough for now… and maybe you now have a bit of a better insight into this little but important part of my life…

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