A Dream – 12 October 2013

So I had this rather strange dream on the weekend.. I haven’t dreamed in a while or if I have I have not remembered my dreams in rather a long time…

So this is how this one went down. In a nutshell.

I was a spy. In a building. Hiding from the people in the building. On radio comms with my commander. Had to find some secret documentation. Also had to keep hidden.

My objective was to get in, get the documents, get out and not be seen. If anyone saw me I was to kill them.

I was hiding in this big meeting room. All these Sandton Kugal-type woman walked in. They found me. I sighed and casually told them I would now have to kill them. They did not resist as I told them if they made a noise, my commander would blow up the entire building and then everyone would die. I took out my gun, attached my silencer and shot them all execution style.

I did not even bat an eyelid. In my dream of course. LOL


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