A bit late to post this but I have my car back

Sorry that this is late but things have been a bit crazy lately and hence the reason for not posting this sooner – but here it are 😛

Cleopatra is back from the panel beaters and she is going really well! It sucked being without a car I must admit!

Despite the fact that Proline Renew-it took nearly six weeks to fix my car, I got her back as good as new (kinda) and even the knocking noise in the fuel tank is no longer! YAY.

The only downside was the fact that they scratched my bumper – which I happened to notice when I when to collect the car. The damage was on the back left hand side of the car so it must have happened while in their possession and I proved as much with the photos I had of the car at the accident and on the rollback.

When head office to phone me to ask if I was happy with the service I received I mentioned the scratch and a few days later they phoned me to arrange with me to take Cleo in for a day to fix the bumper.

I took it in last week Monday and when I dropped it off I mentioned to the manager that they gave me back my shitty damaged wheelnuts from the damaged car back and put it on another wheel so that I wouldn’t notice but I did.

I also told them I needed a lift back to and from work which they arranged so that was great.

Once the car was ready the drive came to fetch me and my car was all sorted! Both scratches on the bumper were fixed; the car had been washed and my wheel nuts replaced. So I was happy!

Even went for a drink afterwards to celebrate 😛


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