A big thanks to my horsy friends!

On behalf on myself and Amber – since she cant talk – I would like to say a very BEEEG thank you to the following special people in my life for helping me so far with Amber:

– My mom and dad for helping me to pay for Amber – paying her last installment for me for my Christmas present last year 🙂

– Lynette Blackie for getting me involved in horse riding again and for introducing me to the concept of owning my own horse. Lynette found Amber for me and thought she would be a great first horse.. which I am hoping she will be 🙂 Lynette also gave me some riding lessons and introduced me to the event of showing which I participated in on her Welsh partbred Brackenwood About Time and her Section A stud stallion Caravelle Society’s Deboniare.

– Tipuana Stud – where I bought Amber. Digby and Lindi – the owners – arranged for me to be able to pay her off as I wasn’t able to pay for her in full upfront. They also dropped her off for me at her new home a week after arranging the sale 🙂

– Caravelle Stud: Thanks also goes to Caravelle Stud for looking after Amber from October 2009 to March 2010. She has really changed into a beautiful bay filly with the right amount of food and supplements as well as the love and attention.

– To ShumbaShaba – Sharon and Renae.. For their support and now for stabling Amber at ShumbaShaba in Mnandi 🙂 Renae has been giving me riding lessons for about two years.. and I always have a pony or horse to ride that needs exercise 🙂

– Erina Bouwer – my horsy friend and outride partner 🙂 Thank you for all your support and encouragement with regards to my riding.. and for letting me ride your horse Tapsy sometimes too 🙂 Thanks also for lending me your blue honey blanket for Amber to use this winter! I really appreciate it and so does Amber 🙂

– and then last but not least my boyfriend Mark Usher.. He supports my passion and is always there to watch me ride whenever he can.. He also sponsors most of the carrots for Amber 🙂

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