9 Brands I interact with on a daily basis

Sometimes it is nice writing about something arbitrary. Hence the reason for this post. I thought about this topic on a bit more of a personal level.There are a lot more brands that I could mention that I interact with superficially such as for example Eskom because no matter where you are you are using electricity continuously throughout the day; and then there is water, toilet paper, the South African government and the list goes on.

So I came up with a few brands I interact with on a daily basis that has a bit more substance and meaning. What are yours?

  • Samsung – my Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone – one cannot survive without one’s phone right; although offline time is required
  • Bayer – everyday for as long as I can remember
  • Ford – my car – a white Ford Fiesta who goes by the name of Cleopatra
  • Casio – my watch – always wearing it unless I am sleeping
  • Colgate – that would be for my faithful toothbrush that used everyday at least twice a day
  • Lenovo or HP – depending on whether I am working on my laptop at work (Lenovo) or in the office (HP)
  • Annique – my day cream, facewash and make up routine all of which are Annique products
  • Woolworths – most of my underwear is from Woolworths so it’s only days I don’t actually wear a bra; in which case I wear a bikini lol
  • Standard Bank – as I am always swiping my card and buying things or doing EFT’s


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    • Rodney Sloan - 5 years ago

      Nice. We can’t go without our Colgate either, we get the parentals to ship it to us in Japan. Also Five Roses tea and Freshpak Rooibos.