30 Day Challenge that I did not complete

So I never actually completed this whole challenge thing. Not even the planking part of it. *sad face*

I was hoping that the next post after The Progress Report would have been a more positive one. But I am sad and ultimately disappointed to report that it is not.

This is as far as I got – Day 23 for the planking challenge and Day 22 for the burpees challenge which ended up only being 20 burpees a day for a couple of days as I did not have the energy or the strength to do any more than that. I wasn’t feeling all that great at the time so I did not want to push it or go overboard in case I ended up doing more damage than good; but that was also in itself just a lame excuse. I just didn’t complete it because I got lazy and that is the truth. The others participants in The Super Official Skinny Bitch Success Project did not complete the challenges either. Out of the four of us Paul probably did the most.

Going forward though I will need to make some sort of an effort and do something about my fitness (at some point and probably sooner rather than later). I gave up on running. I gave up on this project. And now since my Vitality Fitness Assessment came back with such a bad cardiovascular level and body fat percentage, I have even more reason to do something more; something else; something different perhaps.

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