30 Day Challenge: A Progress Report

I must admit this challenge has not been the easiest thing I have ever signed up for. I did not think it would be this difficult, or let me rephrase I did not think I was that unfit. But clearly I am. On a side note: I have not been running either so I guess that also doesn’t help.

Initially I thought I was doing OK. And then last week I had a bit of a wobbly; stayed at my friends house where we vegged on the couch for the majority of the weekend; we hardly ate – unless you call three bags of Doritos, biltong, and cheese and onion dip – food; and there was no space or inclination for me to do any burpees or planking on the cold tiled floor with an audience of five dogs and nine or so cats observing my every move.

So I ended up not doing the challenge for the three days that I was there. I continued on Monday night where I left off – basically three days behind. Then on Friday night I managed to get to fifty (five zero) burpees and 120 seconds of planking. But it just felt like it was too much. I really battled and could hardly breathe when I was done. So I rested again on Saturday even though it wasn’t a rest day and tried again last night. But I am now four days behind for the month/challenge. I managed to do the 120 seconds of planking – in two attempts. I also did another 50 burpees – which is great I guess but it’s not the amount I am supposed to do.

I cannot see myself doing more than 50 – and getting to 100 a day – by the end of the month – that is pretty much going to be impossible now. So I am just going to continue with the planking challenge for now and try do 50 burpees every other day and take it from there.

Yes I am disappointed in myself for not rising to the challenge and pushing through the pain and all that. I am just not fit enough and I don’t want to overdo it and hurt myself either. I am doing what I can manage and I think that is ok for me for now.

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