27 Dinner with Seacom and Samsung

Last night I attended another great 27Dinner event coordinated by the people at Cerebra – @mikestopforth and @melodymaker. It was held at the Metro Bar and Cafe in Benmore Gardens (a venue used once before).  I personally like this venue as there is adequate seating for everyone and allows for great networking! As @handyman_can and I got there early we chose to sit at the end of a big table in the hope of meeting some interesting people, which we did 🙂

I met for the first time @Cynicalgrinch and @PaulBedford (and some other tweeple I cant quite remember) who sat with us for the remainder of the evening! We shared a few laughs, tweets, drinks and more drinks.

Seacom kindly sponsored the food (starters and the main course) as well as the first round of drinks! The starter was a choice between chicken livers and rockfort salad. The main meal was a choice between beef schnitzel, chicken schnitzel (both served with chips and veggies) and a vegetarian bake! Way too much food for me but I was kindly allowed a doggy bag 🙂

The first guest speaker was Aidan Baigre, Head of Development at Seacom, who had a brief introduction and then a conducive Q&A session – all in less than 10 minutes!

The next speaker was Brett Loubser from Samsung who also spoke briefly about the Samsung devices compared to Apple, and also conducted a successful Q&A session. He also gave away a Samsung Galaxy smartphone as part of a draw that everyone there was entered into (by way of a number discreetly added to everyone’s twitter tag label – lol).

We were then given the opportunity to play with the new Samsung Galaxy Tab (the first group of people in South Africa it seems), as a few demo models were passed around the restaurant! I personally thought it was great – with features such as a 5 MP camera, HD video, android browser, eReading and GPS navigation to name but a few features, whats not to like about it.. Now all we need to wait for is the price!

Other people I have the privilege of conversing with included: @ryangibson, @chrisdawson, @zk, @CraigN and @walterpike 🙂

All in all I had a great time! Looking forward to the next one!

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