2019: trying something new

Since we already into week two of 2019 I thought it wise not to name this post anything relating to a New Year Resolution. But it is something of a resolution – something I want to do more of this year and going forward hoping to make it more of a habit.

This year my aim is to be present. Fully present.

And to me what that entails is the following:

Being fully present in the moment whether it is driving or eating or singing or showering or running. If I am eating, I should be aware of eating, be mindful of eating, chew slowly; not be on my phone; not be thinking of a million other things that I need to do or should be doing instead. Eat slowly. This will be a challenge for me no doubt. But I am going to try my level best.

I am hoping that the more I do it the easier it will become. I am hoping it will also help with my anxiety and stress levels.

Here’s to trying new things 🙂

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