2016: A year in review

I really wanted 2016 to be my year. I think I might say this every year (don’t we all) but I really thought that things would be different in 2016.

In April I wrote this – Another Year Another Chance – clearly that was an indication that my year wasn’t going all that great as I posted about being negative and not being in a good frame of mind at the time.

But I thought I would look at the year as a whole once it was over and review the good and the bad so I can make a more informed decision. Let’s start with the bad:

The Bad

If I look at the bad things that happened in 2016 in no particular order it wasn’t all that bad:

  • Things happened during the year at my previous place of work, especially in the beginning of the that were not great for me personally. These events broke me down quite a lot 🙁
  • I dated someone who used me, treated my pretty badly and dumped me over WhatsApp.
  • Family fights (these happen)
  • Friend feuds – was treated really badly by people who were supposed to be my friends (this shouldn’t happen)
  • Spent less time at gym than I had wanted to or planned to (life); also did less park runs than I would have liked
  • Didn’t spend as much time as I should have or could have with friends and family due to work commitments; birthday included where no one wanted to see me which sucked incredibly.
  • Got sick a number of times this year which hasn’t happened for ages (most likely due to stress)
  • Didn’t get to do much horse riding at all which made me really sad – there was an awesome opportunity to ride in Randjiesfontein but I wasn’t invited againafter going initially unfortunately.
  • No December leave or any other long holiday or time out
  • Cut my dog’s leg by accident which resulting in tears, a trip to the vet and a cone

The Good

  • Took the plunge and left my full time job to consult and freelance. It was terrifying but I am so much happier (yet busier) now.
  • Joined a car crew and got to do stuff on my car – aesthetically for now.
  • Met new people and made new friends (in my new line of work and socially).
  • My nephew was born and I became an aunt.
  • Had some really great social events: Valley of the Waves, car shows, drag racing, SA Festival of Motoring
  • Got to travel overseas for work 🙂
  • Spent a weekend away in the bush – got to do quad biking for the first time and went on really epic game drives where we got to see so much wildlife up close

So maybe it wasn’t all that bad. I think we tend to focus more on the negative rather than the positive – well at least I do. If I look at this list (there was obviously stuff I didn’t mention here) it really seems that there were a lot of really great things that happened this year that was so much better than the bad things (although the bad list is longer).

Let’s hope 2017 will be even better. Positive thinking. Take chances. Onwards and upwards. Life is not roses but not that bad either. Be happy.


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