2013 in Review

2013 was not one of my best years; but if I think about it honestly it also wasn’t the worst. Especially now that I am looking back and thinking about it. It’s just that I went through a lot of trials and tribulations – some of which was out of my control and some of it was my own fault, but it made me completely miserable and overshadowed a lot of the good things that actually happened as I allowed it to consume my entire existence. It is all I used to eat, sleep, talk about and cry about to friends and family; and it took it’s toll on them too…

Why 2013 was kak

  1. 3x car accidents; 2 in Ruby (1 bumper bashing on the highway; 1 in the Quirk parking lot which was really expensive) and 1 in Cleopatra (idiot reversed into me)
  2. Jared – broke my heart and kept playing me
  3. Worked myself into the ground; working 16 hours on my birthday was just one of the normal working days – not the exceptions; having to work while on sick leave
  4. Bad decisions about work, life, everything
  5. Bad fall on Amber just before Christmas (Taken a Tumble)
  6. Fighting and confrontation with friends, family and people at work – two things I hate and that take up way too much time and energy
  7. Depression and anxiety – caused by work and people at work
  8. No holiday – which I really needed
  9. Fighting with Cassy’s in Benoni when trying to get my new car
  10. Amber getting shoes therefore costing me more money
  11. Etolls – which I am not paying for and dont’t have an etag
  12. Madiba passing away

What was awesome about 2013

  1. Getting a new car – brand new out the box – Cleopatra
  2. An awesome bachalorettes night at Monte Casino and weekend away at the Vaal in November
  3. My own saddle – I finally got a saddle for Amber 
  4. Freelance projects
  5. Quirk’s Christmas party – spending time with some awesome people from Quirk
  6. Winning a championship at the Pretoria Show and then doing a photo shoot with my best friend Tam.
  7. Awesome outrides on Amber almost every weekend with an amazing bunch of people
  8. Making new friends: Tas has no idea how amazing she is and Prudence is a rock star – I admire both these ladies!
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