2010.. so far – May 2010

Wow.. this year has been incredibly busy.. I have hardly known my arse from my elbow, and if I do have a free moment to take a breather (even though they are few and far between I do still have rare moments when I find myself with nothing to do) I usually feel guilty for not doing anything in that moment. Funny that.. It is like I feel that I am wasting time if I do nothing and yet I do need a break at some point and need to learn to just enjoy those moments of quiet 🙂

Just to give you an idea of how busy I have been and thus not able to write the regular content for my scaffy.co.za blog that it naturally deserves I will name some o of the things that have been part of the occurrences of the past five months events. They are namely as follows : dogs, horses, moving houses, holidays, piercings, websites and freelance work, copy writing and articles, house sitting, networking, tow trucks, horse shows, dog shows, weddings… Tired yet? Thought so 🙂 and that is actually before you know how timorously involved each of those words have been.

This time, for this piece of content I think I’m going to talk about dogs, both mine and others that are and have been a part of my life, however brief….. 🙂

Dogs.. Canines.. Woofies..

I have two dogs – Skye and Benson. Skye we got last year around the time of my birthday from the SPCA in Randburg. Mark chose her. She definitely grew to be a lot bigger than I had hoped and although she is a pavement special of note (as we have no idea what breed she is of) I still love her 🙂 She loves tearing up things and will rip up everything she can, and it makes me soooo angry but I have yet to catch her in the act. She is also a really fast runner, which is why when I take her for walks I just let her go cos I could never keep up even if I tried.

Then there is my baby boy, Benson, my six month old cocker spaniel. We got him from Kitty and Puppy Haven in Wynburg where Mark helps with difficult rescues. He was rescued from a puppy farm along with the rest of his litter. It was love at first sight and as much as I never wanted a male dog (I repeat I never wanted a male dog for many reasons) this little man has stolen my heart. He is so cute and clever and brave and and and… I could go.. but I wont…


He has just recently became a sports model (as per the agreement of taking him from the Kitty and Puppy Haven) and I took him to my parents for the week for extra special treatment and attention while he recovered.

He really is my best “dog” friend and I think he might even be a gift from Zoey – the best ever dog in the universe that sadly was only a part of my life for a short time but was to leave the biggest impact any pet has ever made in my life.. and thats a story for another day..

The next piece of writing for my blog I plan on doing is about the holiday I had at the coast recently and all of the things (both good and bad) we experienced while down there.. Probably enough to fill up its own dedicated blog.. lol..

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