14 year old me

We had a dress up day at work (Quirk) for the company’s 14th birthday party and I decided to go in my old school uniform – what I still had. It wasn’t quite what I would have worn as a 14 year old Benoni School pupil. I decided to live it up – dress the way I would have liked to have dressed if I had been cool back in the day – which I wasn’t…

I hated school and high school was the worst. I didn’t fit and I was pretty much a nobody…

What I remember from 1997 (thinking broadly here):

  • I was in standard 7 – grade 9.
  • My dress was too long, my blazer was too big. My socks too short; I waxed and wasn’t allowed to shave (how embarrassing)…
  • It was the year Princess Diana died.
  • I fractured my finger and after an operation to have a pin inserted, I had to wear a cast for 6 weeks; I couldn’t write notes and had to do all my tests verbally.

So on wednesday for dress up I decided to wear what I would have wanted to have worn if I had been cool back then 🙂
I had long socks, a short skirt, tanned shaved legs, an untucked shirt and pigtails 🙂

I felt confident, not like back then, and felt pretty sexy 🙂
And I had so much fun at the party – taking “selfies” and drinking from a straw, singing to all the old songs and dancing a lot!!

I had fun and felt great! Thats what counts right? 😛

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